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Natalie Gröss - Principal Director

Position Principal Director & Senior Trainer

About Natalie been involved in Montessori education in South Africa for over 18 years and in Namibia for over seven years. Currently principal director of Montessori Education Centre and Senior Trainer for Headstart Montessori Teacher Training College in Namibia. Natalie is also the Gauteng Manager for the South African Montessori Association.

Sonja Van Der Stelt - Senior Trainer

Position Senior Trainer

About Sonja has been involved in Montessori education in South Africa for over 16 years. She is currently involved in Montessori Teacher Training in South Africa and in Namibia. Sonja is the principal of SilverOaks Montessori in Heidelberg, heading up the Pre-primary, Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary.

Dr. Lindsay Van Den Berg -Mentor & Guide

Dr. Lindsay is the Principal of Headstart Montessori Teacher Training in Namibia. All courses offered at M.E.C are under license to Headstart Montessori. Dr Lindsay's is actively involved as a mentor and guide to Montessori Education Centre. We are ever grateful and blessed for her influence and inspiration that drives M.E.C and its trainers to continually strive to deliver authentic Montessori training to its community.

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